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Human Doers vs Human Beings

“Millennial Burnout”, “Quarter Life Crisis”, “Surviving Your 20's”. I’ve been seeing a lot of these articles lately. To me their pointing to a very real yet under valued theme of Self Care.

Self Care is not another “check off the box” task such as going to the gym, getting a pedicure or getting your haircut to prove to yourself that you matter. Self Care, when done intentionally, is the rebellious act of putting yourself FIRST in life.

In a world that loves to fill our time and space with distractions, pressure and fear, the thought of making YOU the number one priority may feel self centered. But between juggling your job, family, friends, and other “busy” priorities of life, where do YOU fall on the list of your own priorities? Can you honestly say you fit into your own schedule? Are you truly serving a life that you love or s