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University of Iowa Admissions

Corey, Thank you so much for taking time to give the Welcome Address. You are an inspirational Hawkeye and a 

true testament to what it means to work hard, overcome adversity and achieve your goals! Many of these students are 

first generation and hearing from someone like you shows them they are truly capable of anything. Thank you for being a light for these students and hopefully making them all future Hawkeyes! Keep being an inspiration for all whose lives you impact! You are making the University of Iowa Proud! Go Hawks!


Meganne Franks, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP

There is no tragedy that can hold this man down, although he has been through so many… Keep flying high as you change the game in 2017!

Mary DeGrazia- Life Coach

Our beautiful city is screaming for change. We need more people like Corey Collins to make a difference in this community. He is a stand for success of all youths of all 

races to rise above and create a better tomorrow. This young man is a Life Coach. He is a leader and is already 

making some BIG changes in this world. Watch and see. Help support this brilliant mind to continue to resource himself so he can share it with the city and the world!

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