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     Seek Purpose.  Empower Others.

Live in Peace

In today's fast paced world...Have we as Human Beings turned into Human Doers?


Are you happy with your life as it currently stands right now or do you find yourself asking for more? The life you truly  want is closer than you think, but you're seeking support finding a clear path.  


We all have professional goals we want to achieve. Coach Corey will assist you in finding balance between achieving these goals while maximizing your value in other areas of the workplace


About Corey

Personal Empowerment Coach

Corey Collins is a Personal Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker, and Change Agent residing in Chicago, IL.


It is his mission to help his clients own their potential and take control of their life's destiny. 


Coach Corey leads a variety of interactive exercises and workshops that stretch his clients outside their comfort zones and into clear spaces that challenge them to be committed and accountable for overcoming any roadblock life throws their way!


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