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Coach Corey leads a wide variety of interactive workshops designed to accelerate the growth of his participants. He creates personalized material to help conceptualize "Big Ideas" and repurpose them into applicable, everyday tools. These tools will broaden participants self-awareness and catalyze their mental, emotional, and professional growth.

Human Being vs. Human Doing

In today’s fast-paced world filled with distractions, commitments, and obligations- Have Human Beings turned into Human Doers? This workshop focuses on the importance of Being Human despite the robotic nature of our environment

Purposeful living

Really, why are we here? This is a BIG question that too many of us seem to avoid. However, there is tremendous power and knowing who you are and why you are here. This workshop is meant to get clear on the Big “What For” and move us forward powerfully together

Essense vs. Survival Mode

We all have these. Some call it Spirit, some call it Energy, some call it Vibes. Whatever you name it, we each possess unique traits that make us individuals. Learn how to connect with your Essence while also being mindful of the defense mechanism we put up that blocks us from being our most authentic selves.

Overcoming Change

Adversity is a form of life. No one will go without a life-changing moment that will change how you once saw yourself. Our power to overcome change can be looked at in three distinct ways: “What am I holding onto? What am I willing to give up? What am I willing to receive?

Self love

This workshop is for those who love to give of themselves but somehow always find themselves drained and depleted. Together, we focus on the importance of Self-Love in maintaining a healthy wellbeing.


Vulnerability is difficult. What is often looked at as weakness, vulnerability is a key ingredient to creating a stronger relationship with other people. This workshop focuses on the authentic nature of being vulnerable and the power it brings into your life.

Acknowledgement and Service

Although practical by nature, these two practices have the power to transcend a relationship and create a deep connection with you and others. This workshop focuses on the importance of both.

Life, Death, and Grief

Anyone who has lost someone close to them knows how devastating it is. To get back to “life” seems almost impossible, especially when we aren’t all the way “healed”. This workshop is for those who have suffered grief after death and ways to see life from a faithful, purposeful perspective.

Depression and Anxiety 

Depression and Anxiety are two of the leading mental health issues in our country, yet we tend to keep it in the shadows. This workshop is meant to bring light to these issues and ways to provide support. Together we will create mindful practices that are healthy and achievable.

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