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Picture Perfect

Are you painting a picture or building a house? One evening while sitting on my friend’s couch, this thought came crashing into my mind. At first the thought felt a bit random, but the more this thought lingered, the more it gave me pause… what could this exactly mean? For me, when I think about some of my favorite pictures, they're usually images filled with vibrant colors and designs.

Picture perfect. And although they are nothing but captured moments, these images are similar to the lens we attempt to use to capture our lives.

Our social media driven world has subconsciously taught us how to artificially frame our world in a way that makes ordinary people appear glamorized and larger-than-life. Yet beneath the surface, how clear of a reflection are we really painting? On Instagram, those deemed social influencers capture HD photos and videos with just enough context to make us perceive they are living remarkable lives. These images leave us perceiving a story about our world that may or may not be completely true.

In 2019, I’m challenging this perception. Instead of painting a picture of a life that looks perfect, I’m choosing to build a house. In 2019, I’m dedicated to changing the filters of reality and recapturing the meaning of living a life of wholeness. I am building a house. A house with a strong foundation. A house that isn’t a momentary Snapchat but a house that is a lasting legacy.

One thing is certain, building this house will require work. But just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, building this house will require sacrifice, grit, and love. Once it’s complete, this house will be a reflection of a resurged community filled with abundant potential to shift our nation.

Let’s get building.

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